6th Grade Requirements

All 6th grade students will complete four activities on SmartFutures - Learning Style Survey, Learning from Entrepreneurs, My Interest Survey, & Choosing a Career.

Learning Style Survey -

There are so many different ways that we can process information, but how do I determine which one is best for me? This interactive activity gives the students an opportunity to determine which style of learning is most frequently associated and in align with their personality, interests, and ability to process.

Learning from Entrepreneurs -

Wouldn't it be cool to be your own boss? In this activity, students will select an entrepreneur of their choosing (from a list) and watch an interview with that entrepreneur. Students will then complete a quick prompt about what they learned about their entrepreneur. 

My Interest Survey -

"I really like to draw. How does that relate to a job?" In this activity, students will take an interest survey that will teach them about the different personality types and how they relate to careers. There are six career interests: Artistic, Conventional, Entrepreneurial, Investigator, Realistic, and Social.

Choosing a Career -

In this interactive lesson, students evaluate different jobs and have to decide which are better based on various factors such as geographic location, salaries/benefits, work schedule, job description, and working conditions. This helps students to understand the various types of decisions that will need to be factored into picking a career.