5th Grade Requirements

All 5th grade students will complete four activities on SmartFutures -What is a Career Plan, Six Career Paths, Applying Successful Attitudes & Work Habits, & Speaking Skills.

What is a Career Plan -

I hear adults talking about a five or ten year plan, but what does that mean? How do I prepare for the future in the 5th Grade? This activity will introduce career plans to our students to help guide them through their time in school as they begin to associate their interests with their future.

Six Career Paths -

What is a career path? How do I narrow down what I am interested in into a future job? This activity will introduce our students to six primary career paths that encompass various types of interests and abilities that are relatable to most all. 

Applying Successful Attitudes & Work Habits -

What are the best and most effective characteristics of a professional employee? This activity will guide students through scenarios that allow them to determine which attitudes and characteristics are most attractable and desired by companies and employers during a job/career search.

Speaking Skills -

This interactive lesson will teach students the various speaking skills that enable strong public speakers, such as clear articulation, body language, connecting with the audience, making eye contact, and maintaining a good pace.