Students Compete in PA Invention Convention

PA Invention Convention Participants
Posted on 02/07/2024
Invention Convention
Congrats to 4 of our middle school students for competing yesterday at the PA Invention Convention. Out of 150 entries across the state, only 50 projects were selected to participate in states, so it was a huge honor to be there! They all did a great job and we are very proud! Below are details on each of their inventions...


Loralye Dodd (5th Grade): The Firefighter
Loralye invented a compound of dirt, salt, and baking soda to put out campfires safely, so they can be relit.


Alexandria Morris (5th Grade): The Trash Monster
Alex invented a robot that will collect trash an organize it into compost, trash and recycling from beaches. It empties itself and runs on solar power.


Hunter Mitchell and Reece Walborn (7th Grade): Cruise Clean
Hunter and Reece invented a vacuum that is built into a car. This will minimize trash pollution and keep your car clean.
Cruise Clean